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With millions of orders taking place, Entisy uses the latest high tech anti-fraud and data security measures to keep your transactions and data safe.

Entisy is an on-demand services platform and app that connects job listers (Buyers) with working tradespeople and professionals (Jobbers). Users can outsource tasks, find local services and work flexible jobs to earn additional money.

Buyers and Jobbers can sign up on entisy.com or download the Entisy app available on iOS and Android.

Buyers post the job onto the marketplace, where Jobbers can put forward a quote to receive the job. Buyers can check Jobber profiles, track record and verification score before deciding who to work with.

When a Buyer accepts a Jobbers offer, payment is made automatically. This is held in an Entisy Trust Account until the task has been completed and is only released to the Jobber once both parties are satisfied with the result.

You can post almost any task on Entisy. From tasks around the home (like gardening or cleaning) to office tasks (like data entry or website support) to tasks for business (like web designers or contractors).

The platform aims to list professionals across a wide range of skills and services to ensure there are Jobbers capable of completing any job.

Posting a task on Entisy is free. Once both parties have agreed on a price, the Buyer will need to pay these funds via an Entisy Trust Account, which are then released to the Jobber upon completion of the task.

Entisy deducts a service fee from the agreed amount. There are no additional fees or hidden costs, and cash payments are not supported on Entisy.

No. Posting a task is free and there is no obligation to hire a Jobber through Entisy unless you find the right person and come to an agreement.

To make sure you have a rewarding Entisy experience, we've built a range of features which will help deliver peace of mind.

All users must complete the minimum verification fields through VerifyUnion, which includes providing their name, mobile and proof of identification such as a passport or drivers licenses. Users are then encouraged to increase their verification score by completing other verification fields such as submitting a police report or uploading official qualifications.

Entisy also provides a secure payment platform through their service, as well as a 24-hour customer support team available for assistance.

When bids from Jobbers begin to come in, you can ask them questions, request further details about their skills and check out their profile to make sure they’re a suitable match. There are no obligations to hire.

The price that you offer is simply a starting point and experienced Jobbers will make offers so that you reach a fair price.

There are no strict rules about how much to offer. As a starting point, think of how much time it might take to complete the task and what a fair hourly rate could be depending on the experience or skills required. You can also Browse Tasks and check out similar tasks before making your offer.

Payment options include debit/credit card (VISA, Mastercard etc) and are automatically made when a Buyer accepts a Jobbers offer. These funds are held in an Entisy Trust Account until the task has been completed and is only released to the Jobber once both parties are satisfied with the result.

Cash payments are not supported by Entisy.

Whether you’re a Buyer or a Jobber, having a satisfying experience with Entisy requires communication. We’ve built a dedicated commenting wall for each task, where you can comment on the task and ask questions.

Jobbers and Buyers can also communicate safely through Entisy’s encrypted messaging service to discuss details about the job.

Entisy works with nine major categories for tasks, but almost anything is possible:

  • Cleaning
  • Tradesmen (Carpenters, Builders, Plumbers, Electricians) Gardening
  • Transport
  • Fun (clown for kid’s parties, cocktail maker etc.)
  • Photography
  • Lifestyle
  • Professional (Medical, Lawyers, Architects, etc.)
  • Sport/Coaching
  • Home care / care givers
  • All virtual services ( Web design, data and etc.)

Buyers can fit their task into one of these categories, which Jobbers can then browse through based on their skillset and profession.

Create an account and then start building your profile to make yourself attractive to people hiring on Entisy. Once you're ready to get going: Browse Tasks, start commenting and Make An Offer if you think you're the best person for the job.

Once your offer has been accepted the Job Poster has already securely added Funds for the task, held in an Entisy Trust Account until it has been completed. When completed, select Request Payment and the Job Poster will be notified to Release Funds held into your verified Bank or PayPal account.

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